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Monday, August 31, 2009

Kene Tag Pulek.

di tag oleh farahada. tenx dear ;)

1. List down all five blogs that you really loves to blogwalking?
aku suke masuk sume blog. lagi2 yg selalu update.

2. Have you ever dream on having someone special in your life?
Who will care you the most and be your soulmate for the rest of your life?
And who is that special person?

isk.mst la ade impian cmni. ala2 putra charming gitu.hehehe.
n i've met him, even he's not really a putra charming.hahaha ily nazri =P

3. Taken or Single? Which one is better for you?
single best. taken pon best. so equal ;)

4. Have you been in one-sided love situations?
tak penah lagi kot.

5. List down 5 of your type in finding your own
prince charming/lovable princess??
kind hearted
good looking ;P
know how to take care of my heart
chemistry btwn us

da jumpe dlm diri die ;)

6. At what age that you will planing to get married?
insyaAllah sebelum 25. ihiksss.

7. How much kids that you want to have?
cdgnye nak kembar 2. 1 boy, 1 girl. tp cm susah sikit kot.heee,,
tp lower than 5 lah, insyaAllah :)

8. List down 5 luckiest person that you want to tag :-
ziera ribena
abg hasif
dek ana
kak huda


  1. wewiit! ily too nazri! hikhik :p

  2. wewiit! ily too nazri! hikhik :p

  3. wewiit! ily too nazri! hikhik :p

  4. wewiit! ily too nazri! hikhik :p

  5. halamak! mampus. ini adalah kesan
    drpd ketidaksabaran oke. harap
    diampunkan. hakhak ;p

  6. huwaaaaa...jgnle ily nazri.wuwuwuw :P

  7. haha. oke la. tmbh 'L'. Nazril :p